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Join us for #RamadanWithFriends: A Celebration of Community, Iftar, and Dialogue!

Updated: Mar 3

Join Dialogue Institute Dallas for a memorable Ramadan experience! This year, we're hosting Ramadan dinners at different places of worship, community Ramadan dinners, youth dinners, and home dinners to bring friends and neighbors together to break bread.

We welcome everyone to join us for these special occasions to break bread and share the joy of #RamadanWithFriends.

Our community dinners will be held at various locations throughout the city. These are great opportunities to meet new people and enjoy a delicious meal with others celebrating Ramadan. We'll serve traditional dishes and desserts; you can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We're also excited to offer home dinners, where you can experience the joy of Ramadan in a more intimate setting. Our gracious hosts will welcome you into their homes, offering you the chance to learn more about Ramadan and experience the warmth of the holiday with their families.

To find out more about our upcoming events, follow us on social media and use the hashtag #RamadanWithFriends. We look forward to breaking bread with you!



  • March 23 – Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church >>

  • March 24 – Thanks-Giving Foundation >>

  • March 27 – Youth Ramadan Dinner >>

  • March 28 – Dialogue Community Iftar >>

  • March 29 – Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ >>

  • March 30 – Arapaho United Methodist Church >>

  • March 31 – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – Dallas Stake >>

  • April 1 – Ramadan Table - Home Iftar with a Muslim family >>

  • April 2 – Ramadan Table - Home Iftar with a Muslim family >>

  • April 3 – Wilshire Baptist Church >>

  • April 11 – Dialogue Community Iftar >>

  • April 13 – Episcopal Church of the Ascension >>

  • April 14 – Allen Texas Stake- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints >>

  • April 18 – Dialogue Community Iftar >>

  • April 19 – Congregation Shearith Israel >>

  • April 20 – First United Methodist Church Dallas >>


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