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Ramadan Dinners

This year, we hosted Ramadan dinners at different places of worship, community Ramadan dinners, youth dinners, and home dinners to bring friends and neighbors together to break bread.

Our community dinners were held at various locations throughout the city. These are great opportunities to meet new people and enjoy a delicious meal with others celebrating Ramadan. We served traditional dishes and desserts; a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We had a wonderful time breaking the Ramadan fast with members from the Dialogue Institute Dallas and many of our friend congregations, and churches. We thank the members for providing a great environment and hosting these dinners.

We look forward to continuing this tradition and building more bridges of understanding at our upcoming Ramadan dinners next year!




We also offered home dinners, where our friends experienced the joy of Ramadan in a more intimate setting. Our gracious hosts welcomed their guests into their homes, offering them the chance to learn more about Ramadan and experience the warmth of the holiday with their families.

Sharing a meal and getting to know one another was an incredible opportunity to build stronger interfaith relationships. Celebrating #Ramadanwithfriends is always a blessing.

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