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Culture in the Core Festival

Culture in the Core Festival of the City of Richardson was a great way of celebrating the tastes, sounds, and spirit of Richardson. We had an amazing time representing our community and showcasing our vibrant culture at the Culture in the Core Festival in Richardson! It was an event filled with diverse groups coming together to celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures that make our city so special. Here are some of the unforgettable highlights of our booths: Gozleme & Dessert Booth: Our talented ladies prepared scrumptious Gozleme from scratch, filling them with special ingredients and of course we couldn't resist sharing our traditional mouthwatering desserts, baklava and sekerpare Turkish tea and Turkish coffee served with a side of Turkish Delight, we offered our guests the authentic flavors. Ebru Art: Our talented Ebru artist showcased this traditional marbling technique, and families and kids even had the chance to try it themselves. It was a colorful burst of creativity. Photo Booth: Stepping into the photo booth was like traveling back in time! People of all ages enjoyed trying on traditional historic costumes and capturing precious moments. Polyphonic Dallas: The captivating blend of traditional Turkish music with Western influences and the diversity of the group and the pieces they performed brought a special energy to the festival. They delivered a breathtaking performance that had everyone swaying to the rhythm! We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers for their tireless efforts and help, performers of Polyphonic Dallas, and our talented ebru artist for their dedication and passion in sharing the culture. A special thanks goes to the Mayor, Richardson Council Members, and the organizing team for bringing this incredible event to life. This Festival truly showcased the beauty and richness of the culture in Richardson and we are grateful to be part of it. Let's continue celebrating the vibrant spirit that makes Richardson so unique!



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