Date And Time

Fri, January 25, 2019

6:30 PM – 9:00 PM CST


Dialogue Institute: 1416 E Collins Blvd. Richardson, Texas 75081


Prophet Muhammad is one of the most vilified and misunderstood people in the history of the world. In this talk, “Prophet Muhammad’s Love of Humanity: Lessons for Our Time,” Dr. Craig Considine of Rice University will counter stereotypes and dispel misinformation about Muhammad in an accessible, appealing, and scholarly manner. Dr. Considine will present historical sources and stories about Muhammad’s relations with Jews, Christians, and people of various walks of life, and inspire new understandings of the life and legacy of the Prophet of Islam. Considine will stress Muhammad’s love of humanity through the prism of several sociological concepts including anti-racism, religious pluralism, social justice, and civic nation building.

You can reserve your ticket online or send your $10 check payable to the Dialogue Institute Dallas at 1416 E. Collins Blvd. Richardson, TX 75081.


Dr. Craig Considine is a U.S. Catholic of Irish and Italian descent. He based in the Department of Sociology at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Considine is the author of several books including Islam in America: Exploring the Issues (ABC-CLIO 2019), Muhammad the Prophet of Love: Notes of a Christian About the Messenger of Allah (Noura Books 2018), Muslims in America: Examining the Facts (ABC-CLIO 2018), and Islam, Race, and Pluralism in the Pakistani Diaspora (Routledge 2017). Considine is known for his research and work in Christian-Muslim mutual understanding, anti-Islamophobia, and the life and legacy of Prophet Muhammad. He holds a Ph.D. from Trinity College, Dublin, an MSc from the University of London – Royal Holloway, and a BA from American University in Washington DC. Considine is a native of Needham, Massachusetts.

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